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Created in 2006 E-Deploy is a Brazilian technology company, specialized in develop solutions for business management and a software factory. Using technology as a leading thread for the business transformation, our focus is building innovative solutions that help companies on their digital journeys.


We have a team of highly qualified professionals since projects management and support, follow-up, monitoring to implementation of improvements on the systems, creating solutions for companies of all sizes and segments
Based on our experience with the Food Service market, 3S Checkout was born. 

Mission , Vision and Values

Mission E-Deploy Retail

Add value in the operation and management of our customers, through technological, integrated and flexible solutions that improve the retail experience.” 

Vision E-Deploy Retail

“Be present in 10 of the 50 largest Food Service brands within 2 years.” 


  • INNOVATION: Constant search for better practices, processes and technologies that contribute to the continuous improvement of our deliveries. Innovation with results and not just fads. 


  • RESPECT: Respect allows the individual to recognize, accept and value the opinions of others. All relationships must always be guided by respect. We never know what the other is going through. 


  • ETHICS: The laws and human values  determine the conduct of our actions, whether public or private. 


  • PEOPLE: Every company, process or project only exists if people are running it. So their well-being is the key to a successful run. 


  • INTEGRITY: A person of integrity does what he says and what he thinks, always based on ethics and honesty. 


  • COMMITMENT: Working towards the growth of the company as a whole, always performing the best version of your work, always focusing on the sustainable growth of the company. 


  • SIMPLICITY: Interpersonal relationships must be direct, without bureaucracy and respectful. All actions must have a clear objective. Deliverables should resolve customer issues in a simple, clean, and user-friendly way. 


  • CREATIVITY: Ideas can and should come from every company, no opinion can be ignored. Improvement for processes, projects and products can be on anyone’s creative mind and everyone should be encouraged to expose their ideas. 

3S Checkout

Discover the best POS for your business

3S Checkout has functionalities for each type of business and point of sale(POS), focused on the food service industry. Our solution is prepared to make the necessary integrations with systems and existing technologies. 


We look for deliver the best process of shopping journey management and assist in the customer loyalty process. In addition, we developed our solution to provide competitive differences and understand the behavior  of your customer throughout the journey and purchase process(before, during and after). 

       Alphaville Industrial

       Barueri – São Paulo


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